She: A Lifetime of True

Wellness for Women

Using Yoga, Ayurveda, and Bioscience

to Truly Care for the Women in Our Lives

For the SHE: Shadow Tantra event in July in the Rocky Mountains Please follow the SHESHADOW2020 link below

link to SHE: Her SHADOW Shines


       ~ : Zuen : Ona : Yena : Hun : Avar : Elle : Sie :: SHE :: Ze : Hän : Iyada: Vona : Zy : Tā : Vaha : Na : ~


“SHE”TM is the Name of a Series of Precious Immersions:

~ ‘SEEN/CONCEIVED’ by Prashanti originally as a Training for Men

~ ‘FOCUSED’ on empowering participants of all genders and ages and races with insights, wisdom and practical protocols

~ ‘BASED/INFORMED’ on/by Yoga, Ayurveda, BioScience, Psychology and Anthropology for the...

~ ‘PURPOSE’ to truly care primarily for the FEMININE WISDOM in all Humans & and specifically to care for Women in our Lives, our Mothers, Wives, Daughters, Sisters and Friends from pre-conception to her Spirit’s Release and fully embrace her as the Immersion themes of...

  1. SHE: The Child;

  2. SHE: The Tween/Teenager;

  3. SHE: The Vixen/Lover;

  4. SHE: The Mother;

  5. SHE: The Wise Woman Elder;

and now, in response to the looming SHADOW on GAIA, we are co-creating...

SHE: Her SHADOW Shines!

link to SHE: Her SHADOW Shines


this image of the hooded universal Woman with Wisdom Throat Chakra wide open is emblematic of many facets of this SHE Immersion